AFCM-2000C Armored Fiber Cable Cutting Machine

AFCM-2000C Armored Fiber Cable Cutting Machine

Work Upto Dia 10.0mm FOC Cable. High speed Armored cable cutting machine is suitable for indoor cable, butterfly cable, 12 core cable, cruising, meter counting and bundling. The equipment has high production efficiency, good quality of cable, without pressing, neat and orderly, clear convenient, com


High speed Armored Fiber Optic Cable Cutting Machine AFCM-2000C

High speed Armored cable cutting machine is suitable for indoor cable, butterfly cable, 12 core cable, cruising, meter counting and bundling. The equipment has high production efficiency, good quality of cable, without pressing, neat and orderly, clear convenient, completely solve the old cable industry, especially leather, self-supporting Flexer, butterfly Flexer, hanging. 12 core cable production efficiency is low, the poor quality of cable trouble.

its products have the following characteristics:

1, loading and unloading line disc is fast and convenient, the combination of guide line storage line not disorderly line using linkage brake mechanism.

2, the cable type automatic cable and tension rod type cable guide wheel, neat appearance, a mature operator 30-40 seconds.

3, after the cable into a circle, can use self expanding type cake machine, inside diameter can be freely elastic, can be quickly bundled with easily removed, high efficiency, short time.

Technical performance

1, reel diameter 300mm (adjustable)

2, the core line disc Phi 120mm (by the customer matching coil inside diameter)

3, line width 30-80mm (adjustable)

4 types of indoor cable, cable cutting, butterfly cable. Self supporting line, 12 core cable

5, spool speed 0-600r/min

6, motor power 2.2KW

7, speed control 2.2KW converter

8, meter high precision (meters long and short adjustable) can be corrected by the number of meters error, the error is 1/1000.

9, the size of the release of the main shaft hole, small hole (optional one)

10, the top shaft type hanging device

Equipment configuration:

1, cut a cable winding machine

2, intelligent single meter machine a

3, automatic up tight storage line

Cable winding main machine

Optical cable with 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 200mm, can be customized according to customer needs.

First-after sales and protection

Machine warranty for one year (excluding man-made damage), life-long maintenance

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